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San Antonio TX Infant Photographer | Mommy and Me pics

I have been wanting to do a “Mommy & Me” session for SO, so long now, and when Courtney {Courtney Leigh Photography} asked me to take some photos of her and her perfect little twin babies, I could NOT have been more excited! As a Mommy {and as a photographer} it is hard to get pictures of you WITH your kiddos, so I can relate to exactly how Courtney feels! To say I have a passion for helping mommies get in FRONT of the camera for once is definitely an understatement! It is SO easy to get caught up in snapping pictures of your kiddos {especially with camera phones making it even quicker and easier to get the job done! I am guilty of that too, folks!} and decorating your walls with their precious faces, but us mommy’s need to be remembered too! This stage in our lives is so amazing and full of such sweetness, but it goes by so fast it’s almost scary. These moments need to be remembered and because we can’t freeze time, we can at least freeze the memory! I hope you cherish these forever, Court! Those little babies will be running around with cute braided pig-tails before you know it!


{San Antonio TX Infant Photographer, Christine Naomi Photography all rights reserved}

San Antonio TX Infant Photographer Christine Naomi Photography 2

San Antonio TX Infant Photographer Christine Naomi Photography 1

To see Courtney’s maternity session, click here.


Oh Chrissy and Courtney those pictures are amazing. Now I’m sad I don’t have any like this. Time did go by crazy fast for me! But seriously these are amazingly gorgeous.


Aw thanks Lexy! XO!

O.M.G. These are just so insanely beautiful… I can’t… I just can’t even find the words. WOW.


KATE! You are so sweet, thank youuuuu! XO

Lindsey Lokodi

Wow! These pictures are amazing! It melts your heart a little to see these beautiful babies with their beautiful mom. Great photography!


Um, these are without a doubt the BEST twin photos with a mama! Where were you when I had my twins 7 years ago?!


Thanks Shelley!!!! I would have LOVED to photograph you and your twinsies… maybe I’ll get to shoot your family, one day!!! XO


Thanks, Lindsey :-) You’re so sweet!

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