San Antonio TX Childrens Photographer – Valentine’s Photos

I had some good friends over last week to shoot their sweet kiddos for some Valentine’s cards for grandparents and they came out just too cute not to share! I LOVE that my friends all have little babies now, and I LOOOOVE that my babies are old enough to smile and pose for me!! Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a headache trying to get a toddler {ahem, MY toddler} to look at me for half a second, but somehow we managed! A big thanks to Courtney {of Courtney Leigh Photography} for taking over the shutter on those! And how did I manage to make friends with girls who make such adorable children?! Yea, who knows. But my word, these babies are all SO dang CUTE! It’s just ridiculous 🙂

Well, I certainly hope all of the mail reached their grandparents in time because I just HAVE to share these for the perfect V-Day post! {although I’m pretty sure their mommy’s couldn’t wait anyway and were texting pictures MID shoot to their parent’s. haha, I love it.} OK, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY everyone! Give the one’s you love an extra hug and a kiss.


{San Antonio TX Childrens Photographer, Christine Naomi Photography all rights reserved}

San Antonio TX Children

 San Antonio TX Children