Newborn Photography – San Antonio TX | Asher

Newborn Photography – San Antonio TX

Christine Naomi Photography

copyright 2015

Precious baby Asher has come to the world! This little man is the baby of 4 beautiful children with a brother only 18 months older. Something tells me those two are going to be best buds!! And I think this is the FIRST time I’ve ever had a newborn not fit some of my props! Momma warned me that he had a huge noggin’, but I didn’t believe her until I tried to fit some of my bonnets on his precious head! Yep! Baby boy is one humungous hunk of love! haha But oh my goodness I got some of the best snuggles with this little guy, and thank goodness he’s used to sleeping with all kinds of background noise so that Momma and I could chat it up! This was such a perfect session:-)



Newborn Photography

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